September 20, 2018

‘I Lost Over 100 Pounds In A Year Once I Made These Small Changes’


AFTER: 220

Growing up, I was always a chubby girl, and I have struggled with obesity my entire life. In adulthood, my weight gain was due to poor relationships, which led to emotional eating, a nonexistent work/life balance, depression, and simply not being accountable for my actions. I would go on a diet, but never learned how to make it an every day lifestyle.

Prior to making changes, for breakfast I typically had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a roll or something from McDonald’s. I always worked through lunch, so by the time I got to dinner, it was typically chicken wings and french fries from a Chinese food place, or fast food. My snacks varied from chips and dip to donuts. Although I had a gym membership, I barely worked out—I only hit the gym when a trip or birthday was coming up.
On October 15, 2012, I weighed myself and the scale did not register a number, but two letters—OL. That meant I was over the scale’s capacity of 350 pounds. Seeing those letters staring back at me was all the motivation I needed to change my life around. That very night, I started making small changes to get my weight down. I began eating more vegetables, especially leafy greens. I made sure I had more vegetables on my plate during every meal—including snack time. I started to drink more water, often infused with lemon and mint. Additionally, I cut out white breads and sugar, and started to drink green smoothies every day.

This simple swap will make your smoothies so much more filling:

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