September 20, 2018

Dell computer heiress worth a staggering $23.5 billion flaunts whopping $3 million engagement ring

Happy holidays, everyone! As 2017 draws to a close and the nights grow long and cold, most of us will be spending Christmas, Boxing Day and beyond with the ones we hold dearest and closest. For some of us, that means spending time with a significant other; the person who’s helped to make this eventful last 12 months a little bit bearable.
In fact, ladies, if you happen to turn over to your boyfriends at some point during these festive days, you could find them down on one knee, and they might not even be tying their shoelaces! A lot of happy couples will be getting engaged over the Christmas period, but I bet not many of these couples will be able to rock a multimillion-dollar engagement ring like it’s nobody’s business.
Meet Alexa Dell. If you’re not reading this on a cellphone, there’s a very good chance you’re reading this on a Dell, and Alexa is set to inherit the tech company responsible for those computers once her father Michael, Dell’s CEO worth an estimated $23.5 billion, steps down from the head of the boardroom table.

As we speak, I bet some men out there will be combing social media, hoping to slide into some DMs, but I hate to break it to you guys: the 24-year-old is very much taken. About a year ago, Alexa went on a blind date with Harrison Refoua, a millionaire real estate investor, after her relationship with Tinder CEO Sean Rad decidedly swiped left.
Now, Refoua has popped the question, and according to Hamish Shephard of (a leading wedding planning website and app), the value of the reportedly 12-carat engagement ring could be as high as an eye-popping three million dollars.

“A 12-carat diamond engagement ring would likely start from $500,000, but could easily cost several million dollars based on its cut and brilliance. This engagement ring most likely cost in the range of $2-3million.”
So, where exactly did Harrison Refoua choose to get down on one knee; which romantic location would be the venue for such joy? Get this: Alexa and Harrison enjoyed a candlelit dinner on the beach at The Four Seasons in Kona, Hawaii. I’m not sure it’s a coincidence that Alexa’s dad also happens to own that hotel.
Now, with the engagement confirmed, Alexa is going to have to balance her career as a branding consultant and business development strategist for several startups with the added stress of planning a wedding. But for now, the happy couple are simply enjoying their time, with the trip to Hawaii being one of many alongside excursions in Florence, Venice, Paris and London, just to name a few.

Congratulations to Alexa Dell and Harrison Refoua, and I’m sure that Alexa’s dad Michael feels the same way. For the moment, we’re not sure as to wedding dates or venues, but if the engagement ring is anything to go by, you can be sure that it’ll be a lavish and unforgettable affair.

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